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Cherishing Memories

High 1

by Chad High

Baseball has always been a passion of mine. I grew up playing in the Crieve Hall baseball league in Nashville. In high school I was an Overton Bobcat and an avid Atlanta Braves fan. Our 14 year old son has played baseball since age four, and our 11 year old daughter is a feisty softball player.

Seven years ago, my love of the game was extended even more.  One May afternoon, my family was playing outside in the yard when a family friend stopped by and asked us if we liked baseball. After he was certain we loved the game, he handed us two tickets to the entire regional series that Vanderbilt was about to host at Hawkins Field. My son and I quickly changed clothes and headed down to West End. The 2013 Vanderbilt team was a huge favorite to make it to Omaha, with players like Tony Kemp and Mike Yastrzemski leading the way.  They easily handled ETSU, Illinois, and Georgia Tech, winning the regional. The following week, Vanderbilt hosted Louisville in a super regional. Again, the same friend gave us a call and told us that he had two tickets to the super regional if we wanted them. We quickly accepted them, but were disappointed when Louisville swept Vanderbilt and ended their season with a record of 54-12.

From that season on, my son and I became hooked on Vanderbilt baseball.  We have followed every game, learned the players, and attended as many games as we could, thanks to our friend who would oftentimes give us his season tickets when he was out of town. Since 2013, we have attended numerous home games and every post season game at Hawkins Field thanks to the generosity of our friend!

June 2019, the High family in Omaha at TD Ameritrade Park.

My wife and daughter quickly got on board and caught the Vandy fever as well! We joke today that our daughter is like the coach’s daughter in the movie Remember the Titans.  She knows all the players, knows the game, and will even suggest which relief pitcher should be sent in and critique play calls.

We have witnessed some incredible Vandy Boys talent play over the last seven years, including Dansby Swanson, Kyle Wright, Tyler Beede, and Walker Buehler.  Vanderbilt produces high quality baseball along with high quality young men. We have also been able to see the great talent such as Andrew Benintendi, Aaron Nola, Alex Bregman, and Peter Alonzo that the SEC brings each year. It has been so amazing to be able to sit in the seats with my impressionable son and witness how the game should be played as well as how to act in victory and in defeat. Just a few weeks ago, we both agreed that we would rather watch college baseball than any other sport!

Chad with his son Lawton watching the Vandy Boys celebrate following their victory in Game 3 at TD Ameritrade Park

After five years of growing to love Vandy baseball, we made the decision to become season ticket holders for the 2018 season. In our two seasons of having season tickets, we have attended over 75% of the home games. This season, we have attended close to 40 games during the regular and post season! I have never been able to get into hunting, fishing, or golfing and could never find a hobby for myself, and especially one to do with my son. Vanderbilt baseball has become that father/son activity that we love doing together. We savor every game we can attend and will cherish the memories we have made together watching the Vandy Boys play!

It was a huge thrill for our family to make the drive to Omaha to see Vandy win the National Championship. We endured the long, cold, and wet games in February and March, and felt like we needed to see them through! It was a thrilling experience and as promoted is “The Greatest Show on Dirt.” We are so excited for the young men on the team and what they were able to accomplish this season. We are already looking forward to seeing some fall baseball in a few months and the 2020 season!

Anchor down!!

Omaha – TD Ameritrade Park
2019 College World Series

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