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Baseball Through My Lens

Photo 1 - Featured

by Justin Wright

Things are often better seen through the eyes of a child.  I found this statement to be especially true about baseball when I was lucky enough to bring my camera and tag along on the Father/Son trip to Atlanta back in August to watch the Braves play the Milwaukee Brewers.  Watching boys walking hand in hand with their father as we approached Suntrust Park brought back several good memories from my own childhood.

Chris Lee walks hand in hand with his son David to his first Braves game. Chris grew up in Nashville a huge Dale Murphy and Braves fans in the 80s. He went on the Father/Son trip not only with his boy, but he brought he own father Arte along to make it a three-generation family affair.

I grew up in St. Louis and some of my most vivid memories come from the nights I got to go to Cardinals games with my dad.  The rich history of baseball, the legacy of dedicated fans,  the sights and sounds of the ballpark,  the smell of popcorn, and energy of the crowd all come together to create something magical.

August 12, 2018, Suntrust Park. Simply A Fan’s second Father/Son road trip of the season was a day trip to Atlanta to see the Braves take on the Brewers. It was Alumni Weekend, plus on Sunday’s Kids Run The Bases after the game.

It becomes easy as an adult to lose your sense of awe and wonder in the world.  Going to the Braves game with Simply A Fan and seeing the reaction of the boys experiencing the magic of attending a Major League Baseball game immediately brought me back to that place.  As you look at the Simply A Fan 2019 Trip Schedule I highly recommend you sign up for a trip. Mark Jent takes any potential stress out of planning, traveling, and attending a game so you can focus on the experience that awaits you.

To see the full photo gallery of captured moments, click the link below:
Justin Wright Photography on Father/Son Baseball Trip

Featured Photo, courtesy of Justin Wright Photography.
Henry Redmond, from near Atlanta, was surprised at the ballpark by his grandfather Robert who came down with the group from Middle Tennessee.